Terms and Conditions

We request you go through the details of our terms and conditions before placing an order, as you will then automatically agree to all of them.

They are detailed as below:

  • The policy of our Shipping
    Deliveries made by our company are free of charge within the US borders and are carried through the courier and delivery services available. However, deliveries that are to be shipped out of US will have additional delivery charges and taxes. Order confirmation can be received within a time of 1-3 days. The period for delivery is 5-7 days in the vicinity of US and about 10-15 days everywhere else. If there is a further delay in the delivery of your package, we encourage you to contact us.
  • Methods of Payment
    Our order can be processed online with the help of PayPal, Visa and Master Card. Taxes are included in the prices listed.
  • Return/Exchange Policy
    The time frame of returning and exchanging products is 7 days after it has been purchased. After these 7 days, we will not accept return or exchange products. If the goods are in any way harmed or destroyed, we hold the rights to refuse return and exchange of them; they should be handed back the way they were given. Removal of tags will also disqualify them from being returned or exchanged.
  • Promise of Quality
    If any of our customers have received a damaged product, we will ensure that it is replaced with a new one. However, if an item is incorrect and not according to your order, we can be contacted within the next twelve months for its alteration.
  • Product Portrayal
    We try our utmost that the products shown in the images are the same as the original. However, it is possible that they will differ slightly. The responsibility of this difference does not lie with us as we are allowed to have minute differences.
  • Images and Content
    The images and content used by our website is copyrighted and should not be used without our permission as it is lawfully
  • Accessibility of Products
    As soon as the stock of our products end, they will become unavailable. Discounted and On Sale, products are accessible for a limited time.
  • Differences and Altercations
    We hold the rights to change our terms at any moment, please do not place a new order without updating yourself on the terms.
  • Website Accessibility
    Right Jackets is online 24/7 along with a staff that is ready to answer your questions. We try our best to get back to your contact as soon as possible.

Please keep note that the coloring of the products may differ due to their making as well as the settings of your computer. The items shipped by us will be definitively equal to the ones you see on our website.