Right Jackets

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Returns and Exchange

Our first goal is always to satisfy our customers and make them happy which is the cause for our great qualities and prices. Our products are vetted and inspected before being shipped to you. However, in case of any mistake, you can return or exchange your products, but we encourage you to go through our policy and understand all our conditions.

You can register a complaint as soon as you receive a product that has been damaged or is defective. It is our humble request that along with your complaint you mail us a distinguishable picture of the product that is in good quality so that we can be assured that you are eligible for a refund or product exchange. This is to make sure you do not have to unnecessarily go through the hassle of shipping a product with no expectancy of its return. Specification about the defects in the complaint will also be appreciated.

If the product is missing its tag or is not in the original packaging, then we hold the rights not to return or replace it. It is also to be confirmed that the defect was present at the time of delivery and wasn’t inflicted afterward. Defects personally afflicted by the individual can be rectified but only for a fixed price. If the damage occurred during delivery, we would ensure you for it.

After the expiration of the return and exchange period, we are not responsible for the damage that occurs to the products. Return or exchange products can be expected within 15-20 days.

All of this is for your ease.