Right Jackets

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Privacy Policy

Your safety is our first concern!
We value and respect the privacy of our customers to a very high degree. Our privacy policy has been established solely to protect the information of our clients. Your safety is our biggest concern and our priority; we do not take this task easily. The details of the info you provide is only accessible by the members of our staff tasked with handling your order.
While we do the most we can, you can protect your information as well. More details about this can be discovered on the Right Jackets of Central Bank or any local bank.
Following we have detailed the list of information we will be asking from you to process your order without any hassle:
• Your Full Name
• Your proper Billing Address
• All of your information where we can contact you
• Your Email Address
• Your correct Delivery Address
• The details of your credit card
Using the SSL technology, we keep all your information encrypted and locked. All your information is lead through a gateway that is encrypted and completely secure. Each of your information is made confidential. A tip for our customers is to never give your credit card information on public network sites as those can be hacked or traced back to you and be wrongfully used.
Seeing as cyber-crime is very pertaining in today’s age and day, we make sure that your security concerns are above all else for us. The information you provide can be wrongfully used in many different ways, which is why it is imperative for you to keep it extremely safe. Right Jackets is fully devoted to protecting your privacy and composing a sense of discretion.
You can stay updated on all our newest offers, so you do not miss out on these great discounts, but please stay updated on our latest policies as well. Reach us for any of your queries!